[27.10.11@15:32:33] * Quits: madtom (kiiks@47-355-812-81-vsgw.est.estpak.ee) (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[27.10.11@15:40:45] * Quits: flake (~flake@339.899.813.421.sta.estpak.ee) (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[27.10.11@16:03:38] <merlen> yeah, lets all quit.
[27.10.11@16:03:43] <ethel> Õu yeah, mates :*
[27.10.11@16:44:55] <merlen> Jee, eth armastab mind jälle
[27.10.11@16:45:07] <ethel> jeesus armastab mind aga mina rahuldan igapäev ennast ise ja naisele annan 2x nädalas!

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